Pilgrim Childrens Center

HTML5 and CSS3

Project Parameters:

Pilgrim Children’s center wanted a entire website re-design. The school had a current web site, which was out dated. First as a team we sat with the client a performed a client survey. We wanted to find out why they wanted to re-design and what they were looking for with the new design. After sitting with the client each team member created a rough sketch of what they interpreted from the client survey. I sketched mine out first on paper then built it in Photoshop. Each Team member built one in Photoshop to be submitted to the client for feed back. After the client approval of the wireframes the team created a mood board to start to see what colors, fonts, textures, and imagery would work for the new site. The next step was to organize the site navigation. Creating a communication brief which housed a site map and content inventory. This allowed us to make sure when designing the site that we are placing the content in the right spots and to also make sure it we are missing any information that we can get it from the client.

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